Welcome to The Kids Room

The Kids Room has been in the childcare business for over 20 years. We offer Part-time child care & playschool year round. We believe that giving children a chance to develop socialization skills early in life may be the best gift a parent can give. Spending time with children helps a child learn to play, share, and ultimately become more aware of his or herself and can help build self confidence. We do not believe in the concept of sitting your child in front of a tv all day, as there are no television or videos in our daycare center.

Statement of Purpose

To provide a safe, caring, and enriching environment for your child to play, learn and socialize with other children, while offering flexible, part-time childcare services in a clean, safe and conveniently located facility.

 Part-time up to 32 hours a week.  Children 6 weeks-6 years old